Hi there!  

I’m Krista. 
I love God most of all and count myself blessed every day for this rich life He’s given me.  I’m married to the sweetest man on Earth and am privileged to be called “Momma” by two of the most precious, funniest kiddos on the planet!  I love design and décor and have been obsessed with interior design since I can remember.  This blog is a way for me to share that passion with you; I hope you find some inspiration here.
Thrifting, for me, is a hobby that runs deep.  I vividly remember my Mom taking me to thrift stores every Saturday.  As I grew up, I drifted away from thrifting.  It wasn’t until a few years ago that I rekindled that passion.  Several years ago, my husband was laid off and our family struggled financially.  Seriously struggled.  All of our things were in storage in another State and we didn’t have the money to go get them, so I went to the thrift store because I didn’t have ten dollars to spend on Wal-Mart’s cheapest coffee maker.  What I found there was something more than a coffee pot (although I found that too).  I found that I could afford to get my children a new book for just .59 cents.  Money was very tight, we really had nothing and being able to give them something, albeit small, gave me hope and a little bit more dignity.  After a while, my friends were shocked by some of the things I found for my home and we started jokingly calling our home’s style “Goodwill Glam”.
I truly love our home.   I love that each piece is unique.   I love that each piece has a story.  Most of all, I love that each piece is a reminder of how God provided something when we had nothing.I hope that when you read about my finds and transformations it will encourage you to try a new project or look for something in an unexpected place.  Remember, hope is around every corner….you just have to know how to spot it 😉